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by scarlet0906
Oct 19th, '09, 15:15
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Topic: Denmark
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I have a friend who is now living in Denmark for 5 years. So far, he is enjoying his life there. According to him, people were nice and approachable. The place is so fantastic and beautiful. I'm sure you can easily adjust to the people there just like my friend does.
by scarlet0906
Oct 19th, '09, 15:10
Forum: Travel
Topic: New York
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I'm from Philippines but i always wanted to go to New York. I want to feel how it's like to be in Manhattan and living in the most expensive city in the US. Another reason why i liked to be in New York because it is one of the fashion capital of the world and the place is so beautiful.
by scarlet0906
Oct 19th, '09, 14:59
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I want to visit Paris, city of lights and romance and New York, the big apple. I like to visit Paris because the place is so beautiful and romantic. I want to visit New York because i want to feel and experience how it feels like to be living there.