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by HeartStutter
Jun 11th, '11, 05:46
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Hotaru no Hikari (All Seasons)
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I know I'm VERY late in discussing this drama but I just realized there was a second season, so I re-watched the 1st and launched straight into the 2nd. I have to say, it is probably one of my favorite shows (and couple) I've ever watched. So i apologize for the loooong post, but I wanted to get my ...
by HeartStutter
Aug 30th, '09, 21:50
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Nodame Cantabile and also its SP in Europe
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Ahhhh! I'm so glad to see this thread is alive and well...This is only my second time posting but I just have to because this drama was AMAZINGGGG. Ok, forgive me while I ramble... First of all, I had just finished watching a reallyyyy depressing drama and Nodame Cantabile was just what i needed to ...
by HeartStutter
Aug 20th, '09, 09:19
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [DISCUSSION] A Million Stars Fall From The Sky
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I just finished this drama about 20 minutes ago...I feel shell-shocked by the way everything turned out. This was my first really mature drama and it was so tragic. I felt like the romance was so palpable and i'm almost sorry I didn't spoil the ending for myself because if I had I wouldn't feel so m...