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by huh!
Nov 15th, '06, 07:15
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Seeders needed for CSotM!!! (now includes WSoTM!!!!)
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I want to help also. My upload is only about 50KB (slow i know) Please add my name on the list for: The Proud Twins - DA Chinese Paladin - DA Real Kung Fu - DA Heavenly Sword & Dragon Saber '03 - DA Gods of Honour - Jem Legend of Arching Hero - Jem Just wanted to contribute what I can since I was ab...
by huh!
Jan 21st, '06, 08:01
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Saiyuuki
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I am going to give up on this series. Son Goku seems so angry all the time. It seems like he has to yell everytime he wants to say something. It got really annoying after a while.
by huh!
Dec 20th, '05, 19:14
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Nam sang mi in the Sweet Spy
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She is such a great actress :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
by huh!
Aug 26th, '05, 02:16
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] Love Contract (TVBS, 2004)
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Thanks for uploading onto your clubbox.
by huh!
Jul 1st, '05, 04:48
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [CDrama] Return Of The Condor Heroes (CCTV, 2006)
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hot :wub: