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by snorky2k
Mar 17th, '11, 00:02
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experience cleaning up toxic industrial messes. Volunteer?

I have experience identifying toxic industrial disasters and cleaning them up. I have also worked in a factory where lost pieces of radium and uranium were found stored in 55 gal drums. Part of my master's degree included industrial toxicology grad coursework. I have identified dangers that many peo...
by snorky2k
Apr 10th, '10, 18:57
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Is this true or just a joke?
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Bird's nest soup

I friend of mine was born in China. He told me long ago that it was partially true. There was a time when people were so poor that they would pour boiling water through a bird's nest for flavoring. But, in a American Chinese restaurant it just looks like a bird's nest. A thousand year old egg is als...
by snorky2k
Mar 27th, '10, 00:31
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: ASK A BLACK GUY! Your curious questions answered
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Re: I did not know that blacks could tan until I was 22

Luckily, I believe that class started before I could say something embarrassing or stupid as she was the wife of a friend of mine. I had always thought that blacks were maxed out melanin wise. Also, it was common for guys (before I met my wife) to go out and enjoy the sights of girls out sunbathing....
by snorky2k
Mar 26th, '10, 22:13
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: ASK A BLACK GUY! Your curious questions answered
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I did not know that blacks could tan until I was 22

I was in second grade when busing started in the US. But, our black kids were bused back to the other side of the Cedar river after school and we did not see them over the summer. When I started the ninth grade, I moved to a tiny central Iowa town without blacks and did not encounter them again unti...
by snorky2k
May 31st, '09, 03:44
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Topic: JSOTW: Looking For Volunteer Seeders
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I have most of Zetai Kereshi

I can seed at least 5 gigs per month with good speed.
by snorky2k
Apr 23rd, '09, 18:01
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Topic: Vista - Black Screen - Movable Cursor - Upon Boot~
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have you tried ctl-alt-delete then pull up task manager and run explorer.exe?
by snorky2k
Apr 23rd, '09, 17:59
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Topic: Ever had a teacher from hell? Share your stories
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I had a college teacher where you had to attend his bible study class to pass (engineering class in a state school). The members of his cult had to leave paper bags filled with cash on his porch and most of the other grad students were members of his cult also.
by snorky2k
Apr 19th, '09, 17:55
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Topic: [Discussion] Nobuta wo Produce
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I didn't think that it was horrible. Many of the actors can be seen in other comedy dramas and I thought that there were some original ideas.
by snorky2k
Apr 18th, '09, 22:04
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Topic: Denmark
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I have been there in February

I was in Denmark in February of 2005. I found that most of the people in Denmark under the age of 30 not only speak English well but they also speak English with an English, Scottish, or American accent similar to someone from Minnesota. Those over thirty seemed to speak with the accent of older Dan...