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by MarlinaZ
Jul 18th, '14, 14:52
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Topic: [Discussion] HERO (series + SP)
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Thanks very much everyone, especially Yanie for all your feedback, reviews, comments and info about Hero 2014. I am really hoping that this will be Kimura's comeback (after a slump in drama ratings over the past few years) as he really is an accomplished, versatile and seasoned actor. I think the ra...
by MarlinaZ
Oct 19th, '13, 03:03
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Topic: [Discussion] ANDO-LLOYD: ~A.I. Knows Love?~
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I read some of his Citizens remarks and honestly , it freaks me out. they are armed to the teeth and are getting ready to lynch him without giving him a chance to prove himself. to start with , to be forty and a father of a family , do not automatically class him among fossils. this maturity polish...
by MarlinaZ
Aug 15th, '12, 09:55
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Topic: [Discussion] PRICELESS (Kimura Takuya, Karina)
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Thanks very much for sharing this exciting news!!!