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by bandkanon
Apr 18th, '07, 01:46
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Topic: Scheme programming books in Korean?
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Scheme!!?? At first I was like WTF? Then I remembered I took a class in Scheme back in college. That was such a crappy way of teaching computer programming to freshman kids I hated computer science after that. God I hate Scheme. Who writes in recursive?? Yes, yes teaches you how to write efficiently...
by bandkanon
Apr 11th, '05, 02:32
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!
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Oh thank god....I gave up on Asian Dramas a year ago cause I can never get all the episodes and it was nigh impossible to get missing ones...finally someone's got the time and energy to organize this community together. Awesome job on the series of the month. Now I can finally start watching dramas ...