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by SonnySideUp
Feb 24th, '09, 06:22
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a lot of good recs already...I'll recomend a few that haven't been said yet.
Love Me Not
Surprise Party
My Tutor Friend II (I thought it was better than the first)
When Destiny Meets Romance
Legend of 7-Cutter
by SonnySideUp
Feb 23rd, '09, 19:24
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1 My Girl
2 Dal Ja's Spring
3 Coffee Prince
4 My Lovely Kim Samsoon
5 4-way tie - Super Rookie, Witch Yoo Hee, Hello Miss, Which Star Are You From
by SonnySideUp
Feb 23rd, '09, 18:49
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: can anyone help my with "Super Rookie"
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hello... I'm a member of AvistaZ and actually I'm the one who uploaded it there...its been licensed so it is not on d-addicts anymore. I know registrations are closed atm, our server cannot handle anymore users so we've capped number of users. BTW, I originally got the files @ Posole's clubbox. Its ...