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by c1l1t
Dec 19th, '05, 04:06
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: D-Addicts's Ranking for 2005 JDramas (finished, results in)
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Kiken na Aneki - 25
Densha Otoko - 25
Ichi Rittoru no Namida - 25
Ame to Yume no atoni - 10
Ima Ai ni Yukimasu - 10
Engine - 5
by c1l1t
Oct 23rd, '05, 03:45
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: JSoTW Poll - 10/30/05 - Koi ga shitai
Replies: 115
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Koi ni ochitara is losing :(
by c1l1t
Oct 22nd, '05, 06:43
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
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^ that just means you haven't found "the one" yet.
by c1l1t
Oct 15th, '05, 00:02
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: If you could spend a day with a celeb (who would it be)
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Ueno Juri, but a day may not be enough (I want to learn how to play tenor sax from her).
by c1l1t
Sep 27th, '05, 10:04
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: RECOMMENDED/FAVORITE JDRAMAS (ask for suggestions here)
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Gokusen and Densha Otoko are the top 2 comedy drama on my list!
by c1l1t
Aug 8th, '05, 05:07
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Densha Otoko
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I find the main character extremely annoying, but the series keeps me wondering what's going to happen next.