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by msles59130
Feb 10th, '09, 01:30
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: why is that white ppl if they are into asian culture are usu
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Because the Japanese seem more open and accepting of other cultures and races. Just watch the dramas. I have watched Korean and Taiwanese dramas for about a year now, and the first time I saw any non-Asians as a part of the scenery really was Japanese dramas. JMHO.
by msles59130
Feb 10th, '09, 01:06
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What is considered pretty/beautiful in asia?
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The caucasian thing must be it. Because the guys in Hana Yori Dongo were not at all attractive, unless you are giving them points for not looking at all asian. As an American, who sees caucasian people every day, I can let you know that these guys would barely pass for decent looking here. But whate...
by msles59130
Feb 10th, '09, 00:50
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: I need help finding dramas...
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Dramaclick.com. They also let you look by region (Korea, Tawain) or movie, drama, anime. Great site, but don't trust their ratings. I think a lot of the people on that site must be drunk, high or both when they submit their ratings. Mysoju or crunchyroll will give you a better feel if you will like ...
by msles59130
Feb 10th, '09, 00:48
Forum: General Discussions
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Just dark enough, with an amazing love story and a wonderful ending. This is, by far, the best drama I have watched. Vic Zhou is so...wow.. in this, and although I hated Barbie Xu after Meteor Garden, I got to really like her as an actress watching this one.