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by japanese emo
Jan 1st, '10, 04:18
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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I'm looking for a japanese movie ,,,about a girl that has Cancer her parents will use her sister's body to heal her ... Correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think this is a japanese one... I've thought of a hollywood movie called "My Sister's Keeper"... unless this is just a remake of a japanese movie
by japanese emo
Jul 8th, '09, 15:05
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Orthrus no Inu (Takizawa Hideaki, Nishikido Ry)
Replies: 267
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it sounds like Maou to me...not exactly the story but the feel of it
by japanese emo
Jul 8th, '09, 14:53
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: The Man Who Can't Get Married (2009, KBS2)
Replies: 35
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it's Korean version of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
by japanese emo
Jul 8th, '09, 14:43
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: I don't get it... How come most J-dramas have HORRIBLE PQ?
Replies: 42
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i think it's the PQ factor that the TS prefers in a drama, so let's leave him to that...if he says that he doesn't want to watch jdramas anymore because of that then sure go ahead no ones stopping you...watch kdramas all you want
by japanese emo
Feb 12th, '09, 19:57
Forum: International Community
Topic: Pinoy D-Addicts part 3
Replies: 1252
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btw, tanong ko lang bakit nga pala 'JDorama' at hindi 'JDrama' ang tawag? i believe this has something to do with the way japanese pronounce it... if you notice, they tend to add a vowel in every word especially in english words just to add another syllable in it... as you can see, their language, ...
by japanese emo
Feb 2nd, '09, 11:50
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Am I the Only Boy Watching Drama?
Replies: 137
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nope, i don't think so. I'm also a guy and i can say that i'm addicted to it especially the japanese ones. i think because of their diversity, the way they portray it, that got me hooked. Not to mention that japanese actresses kawaiiness is also a joy to watch :)