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by Luana Viana
Jul 10th, '09, 23:01
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Japanese SoTW - Poll ended 5/10/2009
Replies: 39
Views: 33974

First, thank you for JSoTW ! It's a great idea. I wish i could help somehow, but i have neither time on my schedule nor the knowledge to do what you do, Mizune ! So i guess we all understand this break and we hope you can find some help to keep up the good work. If the poll is still standing, i vote...
by Luana Viana
Apr 20th, '09, 11:50
Forum: International Community
Topic: Brazil D-Addicts
Replies: 270
Views: 163372

Alo pessoal!! Eu sou Luana, Do Rio de Janeiro. To por aqui faz mais de um ano e meio, mas só me registrei faz uns meses. Eu fico feliz de ver brasileiros por aqui curtindo a atual "asian invasion" ! Vejo tanto j-doramas e k-doramas, com ligeira preferencia pelo ultimo nesses ultimos tempos. Costumo ...