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by kameleon
Sep 28th, '06, 21:24
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Topic: dating in Korean culture
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She's already speaking to you and seems to appreciate you as you are until now. I would tell you to keep being yourself and to be nice to her. I think that it is her job to teach you about korean culture and stuffs, you only have then to show your interests in it. I hope it won't be fake interest in...
by kameleon
Sep 28th, '06, 20:45
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My name is Frédéric Bernard, a typical french name...
by kameleon
Sep 28th, '06, 20:37
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Topic: Can you tell asians apart?
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I got 5. I usually can recognize at least if a girl is korean, chinese or japanese in the real life...
But in that test my score was hardly better with girls than with boys, I feel disappointed :((