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by MzParanoia
Dec 20th, '05, 10:49
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Dennis O'Neil
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I like Daniel henney better hehe =D also i think he will star as the male lead in a new drama, out soon. =D the director that made the season dramas SUmmer scent, Autumn tale, WInter SOnata Me too! :lol His acting is wayyy better, neh? Rumors has it that Daniel will co-star in the upcoming drama: S...
by MzParanoia
Oct 30th, '05, 07:20
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Lee Dong Gun = robotic acting.
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Ditto!! :thumleft: UGH. It bothers me too. Plus, it gets wayyy sickening to see an actor carry out the same image & habbits one role after another. :x #1) Ever notice his style of clothing? :blink Pfffft.Some taste he's got. #2) Horrbile in suits. especially the T-I-E. OMG why in the heck does it ha...
by MzParanoia
May 9th, '05, 05:32
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Stained Glass (SBS, 2004/5) **Spoilers**
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Ending of Stained Glass?

Who here has seen the ending of YURIHWA -> Stained Glass? I've just seen the RAW version that was downloaded off of clubbox... and to those who's seen and UNDERSTOOD it.. please help me out here! 1. Why'd the main couple go on different flights? o_O :unsure: 2. I saw wedding pictures on their offici...