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by haleyandrea
Apr 28th, '09, 10:46
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Topic: Filipino "My Girl"
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I've searched for this version & found out that there's a total of 75 eps all 2gether. I tried searching here & there've been only 15 eps uploaded up2date. Is any1 gonna continue uploading it? I really3 hope so. Btw, I also discovered that there is a Philippines version of "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" call...
by haleyandrea
Jan 15th, '09, 05:43
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Topic: **Winter 08 Winner of TW Series of the Quarter - The Rose**
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Hi there!

Juz wondering..wud any of u still be seeding?
I want 2 d/l diz but if x 1's seeding..itz hopeless..
So..cud u guys plz3 keep seeding 4me?
It wud be much appreciatd..