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by xCLEA
Dec 6th, '08, 02:42
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Right now I'm watching It Started With A Kiss .. xD
I'm watching I'm Sorry, I Love You again
I'm also watching 90 Days, Falling In Love (although, its kinda on hold at the moment xD)
by xCLEA
Dec 6th, '08, 02:40
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one litre of tears - four times
life - three times
i'm sorry, i love you - two times
by xCLEA
Dec 5th, '08, 00:04
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: The D-Addicts Birthday Thread
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azntina wrote:Happy Birthday xCLEA!! You get double the presents.
yay, thank you ^_^
you get a cookie for giving my first birthday greeting -gives cookie-
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:55
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Name your HOBBIES :)
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mine are ..
playing bass/badminton/soccer/basketball/volleyball
listening to music
learning japanese
watching dramas/anime
reading novels/manga
spending time with my family . :)
theres more that i haven't discovered yet.
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:48
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Topic: Do you think you're fat?
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i could lose a few pounds, but i'm not overweight. i exercise, i eat healthy (for the most part). i'm curvy so sometimes it looks like i'm fat, but i'm actually not. i also participate in school sports (badminton,soccer, trying out for basketball) so yeah .. xD i do say i'm fat when i'm eating lots ...
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:34
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How strict are your parents?
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my parents aren't strict at all .. lol yeah, they bug me about my grades, and my chores, and about teasing my sisters and brother but .. yeah i live in a native community so theres not really to worry about (except maybe wild animals :P) its really safe here, so they don't ask where i am . lucky me ...
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:22
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Topic: What languages do you know?
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i don't know any asian languages
BUT i'm learning japanese & i wanna learn korean.

i can also speak a little cree, but that has nothing to do with asia.
i speak cree so i can speak with my grandmother :-)
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:20
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Topic: How old are you?
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i'm 16 .. 17 at the end of the month. :thumright: :thumleft:
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 23:19
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Topic: [Girls only!^^] What r u carrying in ur bag??
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i only have a small bag.
-debit card/cash
-lip balm
-mp3 player/ipod
-to do list
-small sketchbook
-small notebook
-hand sanitizer
-random pieces of paper
-one of those usb stick things

i think thats it.
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 04:52
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Topic: K-movies discussion
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everyone seems to be recommending the same movies, i should watch them xDD
am i the only one who liked 2 faces of my girlfriend ?
i admit , it was kinda weird, but it was funny in some parts xD
-goes to watch some dramas- xD
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 04:49
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Topic: For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!
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i'm new ..
made this .. two weeks ago i think ?
and i've finally had time to check it out ^_^
hi to .. everyone xDDD
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 04:38
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Topic: How did you get introduced to K-Drama?
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i got introduced my .. one litre of tears xD after i finished watching it, i wanted to watch another sad one so i searched the internet i'm sorry, i love you was like .. one of the first ones i read reviews one and it sounded really good, so i watched it. (it was really good, by the way) i haven't w...
by xCLEA
Dec 4th, '08, 04:26
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Topic: The D-Addicts Birthday Thread
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i'm turning 17 on december 31st . 8)
happy birthday to all .. no matter how far away your birthday is xD :roll
i always bug my friends by saying i'm old, but i'm just kidding xDD
by xCLEA
Nov 21st, '08, 07:04
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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1. How old are you? 16 2. What country to you come from? Canada 3. How did you first hear about Hello Kitty? I can't remember, I was only about 8 when I first heard of her, but it was probably on a wallet .. or something like that :whistling: 4. How much do you spend on Hello Kitty merchandise each ...
by xCLEA
Nov 21st, '08, 06:57
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: 100 Most Romantic JRock Songs
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exiledstar wrote:ONE WAY LOVE - Antic Cafe
Smile Ichiban Ii Onna - Antic Cafe
Reila - The GazettE

not really JRock but Kiseki by GreeeeN is really great. :D
I agree, I think Reila is really romantic .. :-)