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by qtiepie
Jun 7th, '06, 03:56
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: GOONG related Poll ^^ Shin OR Yul ???
Replies: 266
Views: 45177

omg.....Shin!! All the way....

by qtiepie
May 9th, '06, 21:55
Forum: Kpop
Topic: Your favorite K drama OST?
Replies: 403
Views: 103777

Currently listening to Gung OST!

Only because the songs all remind me of CG and Shin!! :wub:
by qtiepie
May 9th, '06, 21:52
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Palace / Goong (MBC, 2006)
Replies: 3581
Views: 593436

I love the show too!! Especially seeing the cute couple together! They were married in Macau, and I think because they wanted to say their vows to each other, they did it straight away without bothering to have a "Grand wedding". After all, they already had their grand wedding in Korea! Also, to my ...
by qtiepie
May 6th, '06, 07:28
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: LOVE - Age difference
Replies: 149
Views: 38049

Here's my 2 cents worth :P There shouldn't be an issue, depending on what ages they are. a 20 year old with a 40 year old, in my mind is acceptable. But a 13 year old with a 33 year old...unacceptable! As a mother of 3 kids, I would find it really hard to accept someone of a huge age gap unless my d...