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by xbbyMakiix
Jul 27th, '08, 03:16
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Nobuta wo Produce
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ii really liked this drama^^...mainly because of yamapi and kame^^ ii think this was the first drama ii saw that had kame and ii just fell in love with him, at the same time ii was also watching kurosagi.. so yea you probably figured out that ii fell in love with yamapi as well^^lol ii also found ou...
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 27th, '08, 02:29
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] First Kiss
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ii think this was the very japanese drama ii ever finishedlol ii watched a bunch at a time and this was the first one that ii got to finish^^lol ii really love that hiraoka yuuta and inoue mao was in it. ii really liked her in HYD and yuta starred in a bunch of dramas but ii think this was his first...
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:56
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Hotaru no Hikari (All Seasons)
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ii really liked this drama^^ Ayase Haruka was sooo funnylol
although ii did find the guy, Teshima kinda boring. except for
the fact that he was kinda good looking, there really wasn't
much to his character. Nao was also great in this drama^^
he made me laugh soo many times^^lol BUCHOU!!! ahah
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:49
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Topic: [Discussion] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
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god ii really LOVE this drama^^ especially because oguri played
starred in it^^ ii also love ikuta<3 so it was soo great when ii found
out that they were both in this drama^^ ii haven't seen the Hana Kimi SP
yet, but i'm excited to and i'm curious to know what happens^^
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:44
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Topic: [Discussion]- JOTEI [2007] - Upcoming Shota Matsuda drama!
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oohh really?? wow ii had no idea he was starring in a new dramalol now ii need
to go find more info about it^^tehe i've really liked shota matsuda after seeing him
in HYD, HYD2, and Liar Game. well, ii haven't finished HYD2 yet but almost^^
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:31
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Topic: [Discussion] Ichi Ritoru no Namida
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this was one of the first jdoramas ii ever saw, and ii am soo glad ii did^^ my friend recommended it to me first and she said it was really sad and said ii should watch it. ii did and god she wasn't kidding, man ii cried like in every single episode. ii really liked that erika was in this drama. she...
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:22
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Topic: [Discussion] Hana Yori Dango Season 2
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i'm currently watching Hana Yori Dango 2, and i've just finished
watching HYD and ii just LOVE this drama<3 i've cried in so many parts!!
ii love the whole cast..especially Hanazawa Rui^^ LOVE Oguri Shun<3
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 19:17
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Topic: [Discussion] Mop Girl
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ii really like the drama so far^^ Keiko is soo funny^^lol but i've only seen it to episode 3 on mysoju and they only have it to episode 5 but episode 4 and 5 doesn't work. i've been trying to find another site where ii can watch the rest of the drama but ii can't seem to find one... ii found out abo...
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 18:43
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Topic: [Discussion] Zettai Kareshi / Absolute Boyfriend
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ii haven't finished watching the drama yet but i've really liked it so far^^ ii LOVE Hiro from Hana Kimi and ii also really like Mokomichi^^ ii really didn't think that watching this drama would make me cry, but so far i've cried over the parts with Mokomichi and how his "girlfriend"lol Reiko isn't ...
by xbbyMakiix
Jul 26th, '08, 18:30
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: New Tohoshinki Video
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ii found this song like 3 days ago and it's been playing nonstop on my computer ever sincelol ii can't get the song out of my head^^ and ii just love the music video, ii think that so far it has been the saddest music video i've ever seen and so far the best^^ ii love the song, the vocals, the band,...