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by tamajung
Jan 28th, '14, 07:24
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Topic: [Discussion] S -Saigo no Keikan
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I have timed sub episode 1-2 for raw file downloaded from clubbox kangjegu.
As eunmaru said, some dialogue of the newscaster in the beginning of episode 1 were missed. I can't catch up what she said, my listening skill is not good enough.
by tamajung
Nov 19th, '13, 13:57
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Topic: The Official Clubbox Thread (Read 1st Post For Help!)
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Hi, I am having problem downloading CB with the latest update. Strangely, I can download files with proper English titles/names but not files with Korean or Japanese titles/names. Anyone having the same problem as me? Thanks. Me too. :scratch: When I click start download, this pop-up appears http:/...
by tamajung
Nov 8th, '08, 14:45
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Topic: [Discussion] Scrap Teacher ~ Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke
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Thank you so much for English Subtitle File