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by slumbery
Oct 5th, '08, 15:07
Forum: Other Chinese TV Shows
Topic: Request: Strictly Come Dancing
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Request: Strictly Come Dancing

Does anyone has TVB version of Strictly Come Dancing?
by slumbery
Aug 25th, '08, 09:55
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Do you remember life without computers and internet?
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bore ... meaningless ..... just like back to the ancient
i spend more time on the computer/internet than anything else
by slumbery
Jun 30th, '08, 14:45
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Should i let go of him??
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sound like in a movie ......... if this is true ... let go of him ... this kind of family is not easy to get along with ..... you may not be happy as time pass .... you can see all these family argument in movie, right ...... your story sound like those in the movie, perhaps you will have the same c...
by slumbery
Jun 30th, '08, 14:39
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How do YOU feel TODAY?
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feeling good today coz i have finished what i need to do today ........ the night is mine .......
by slumbery
Jun 30th, '08, 14:35
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Why Asian Women Don't Date Asian Men
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asian girl do date asian man .... what makes you think they don't
both my parent is asian .....
by slumbery
Jun 30th, '08, 14:14
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How would life be without D-Addicts? ^_^;;
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well ... there are more other things in the net ....
by slumbery
Jun 30th, '08, 14:03
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Which drama would you like to live in ?
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isn't it good to be in your own ...
by slumbery
Jun 26th, '08, 07:00
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Chinese Dragon really exist???
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how do you know chinese dragon has no hand?

if there is no dragon in this world. i wonder who's the genius that creates it.?????