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by iynn512
Jun 26th, '08, 10:46
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Topic: Are you a "Burnt-out" D-Addict?
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dun wory pn0yb0i, ur not alone. i always check whether there's new drama's or series airing. Download it, and marathon it. pretty normal for a d-addict i guess. But fortunately, i'm not burnt out yet, since my watching genre is so broad from kdrama, jdrama, tw-drama, sometime thai-drama and also mov...
by iynn512
Jun 16th, '08, 05:38
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Need help to identify a Kdrama? Ask here!
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What is this drama? (few)Things I remember: - Two sisters, one's like taekwondo person (strikes me as tomboy a little) and the other one seems more "fragile" - There was a eating contest between a guy and one of the sisters...when they ate bowls and bowls of noodles. the other sister put yogurt in ...