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by Jdthebud
May 9th, '08, 01:34
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: About Voting for Series of the Week and Month
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funny how when i looked at the winners of the Jdotm, none of them were ones ive watched, although I havent watched very many. Ive also only watched recent ones, the oldest one ive watched is Hero (2001).
by Jdthebud
May 9th, '08, 00:53
Forum: D-Addicts Stuff
Topic: DramaWiki - Information Repository for Asian Dramas UPDATE
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well i was trying create an account on Drama wiki, then I went here and found this. I guess my reason is the same as below.I just started watching J-Dramas recently, and when I see stupid mistakes or easily repairable broken links, I want to fix them, but i can't :'(. I have read all the help pages,...