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by Soraxxx
Aug 2nd, '09, 01:04
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Topic: [Discussion]Aishiteru-Inamori Izumi,Sano Shiro,Tanaka Misako
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Iam watching the Dorama right now. I'm on epi 3 yet.^^
i wonder if there is a ost of it?
There is no torrent for the ost :-(
maybe any1 know if there is a ost?
by Soraxxx
Apr 5th, '09, 01:18
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Topic: Dorama Movies?
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Dorama Movies?

Hi, there. I know that Movies arent uploaded here but i hope its still allowed to talk about it. Iam not really schooled about Movies, all i know are: Koizora, Death Note / L change the world, water Boys, Lovely Complex, Crown 0 and Hana yori Dango for sure :wub: i need your help.^^ I prefe...
by Soraxxx
May 5th, '08, 13:13
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Topic: German (and German-Speaking) D-Addicts part 2
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interessant, gibt sogar nen nen Deutschen Thread.^^ Also ich für meinen teil warte sehnsüchtig darauf das Gokusen 3 endlich eng gesubt wird. Schauen tue ich atm One Pound Gospel und puzzle. Puzzle wird aber denke ich gestopt wenn die 2te folge mir nicht so zusagt, leider hat die erste mich nicht übe...