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by hanhyejung
May 2nd, '08, 05:22
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1. My Name Is Kim SamSoon
2. Goong
3. Coffee Prince
4. I'm sorry I Love You
5. -
by hanhyejung
May 2nd, '08, 05:15
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Which Kdramas are Underrated?
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Vineyard Man - loveeeed it <3

9 end 2 outs - hilarious XD

Super Rookie - cute and funny

Thank You - sad and good T_T

Hong Gil Dong - really funnyyy. i was so obsessed over this. i saw like 10 episodes of it all in one day... O_O
by hanhyejung
May 2nd, '08, 05:07
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Topic: Most Overrated K-Dramas
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My Girl and Full House

Coffee Prince and Goong to me weren't overrated at all.
It had greatttt chemistry :]
by hanhyejung
May 2nd, '08, 04:57
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Topic: Vote for BEST KISSING scenes in Kdramas
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-Coffee Prince
-A Love to Kill
-Beautiful Days