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by rydangel
Aug 28th, '12, 15:40
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: j-drama youtube accounts
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you can go to the tv stations website. i know fujitv does on demand streaming and so does tokyotv. they also have dvds for sell. cdnow offers all kinds of japanese media for sell. if you are looking for free stuff, their isn't much as japan passed new laws severely punishing fansub groups and bootle...
by rydangel
Dec 15th, '08, 22:29
Forum: Other Korean TV Shows
Topic: We got married!
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i'm a new fans of we got married.... can anyone help me where i can download the whole episode?? be4 i used youtube but i'm stuck on the 13 episode because there's problem with the audio in one part. I'm really lost and courious right know. really need help.. you can watch it with english subs onli...
by rydangel
Dec 3rd, '08, 06:43
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: JSOTW: Looking For Volunteer Seeders
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what does seeding entail? do i just download the series and leave my browser open? i will seed
mop girl and happy boys if someone tells me how.
by rydangel
Dec 3rd, '08, 06:29
Forum: KDrama on DVD
Topic: Is Rainbow Romance(Nonstop 2-6) available on DVD?
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Is Rainbow Romance(Nonstop 2-6) available on DVD?

Does anyone know if rainbow romance/nonstop series is for sale on dvd with english subtitles, preferably a legitimate copy? if so where can i buy it and how much is it? :-)