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by theslydog
Sep 27th, '15, 08:48
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Have a question about watching Japanese TV from overseas? Ask here!
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Re: Comparing Options for Watching Japanese TV from Overseas

Maige TV currently has no Japanese channels at all. There are only mainland Chinese channels. Their official web page is also down. From what I have found out, they may be playing dead while president Xi is in the United States since the box is mostly sold in the mainland and they want to make sure...
by theslydog
Jan 3rd, '09, 22:51
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Is Bittorrent or BitComet Legal?
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Nothing is really legal. However, if you stick to tv shows (no dvd rips) from Asia that are not in English you should be pretty safe. A lot of this is tolerated because fan subs help promote these OS companies and have assisted in them sometimes gaining additional contracts with the likes of Bandai ...