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by xOxcinderellaxOx
Jul 2nd, '08, 05:46
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Topic: Ugly celebrities
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Just in case nobody is aware of the existence of the UGLIEST celebrity of all time, I've attached a picture of the hideous Ella Chen.....


Take note: THIS IS A WOMAN!!!
by xOxcinderellaxOx
May 17th, '08, 20:33
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How many pets do u own??
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2 dogs (Roxy and Aiko), 6 birds, lots of fishes, and a bearded dragon.
by xOxcinderellaxOx
Mar 15th, '08, 08:51
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: girls and their annoyingness of not being able to tell a guy
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I'm a girl, and I gotta say..... I don't tell a guy that I have feelings for them until they tell me that they have feelings for me. I, myself, have too much pride to risk my heart. Yes, go ahead and blame me for it, I have too much pride! Throughout my years of dating, I have learned that it's not ...
by xOxcinderellaxOx
Mar 15th, '08, 08:07
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Topic: matchmaking do u agree or not?
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I would be open to it. I mean, come on, my parents are not one who only cares for money and business. They care for my well-being and my happiness so I'm pretty sure that they chose that special someone because he really will be a good husband for me. Honestly, I wouldn't mind marrying someone whom ...
by xOxcinderellaxOx
Mar 15th, '08, 07:56
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Topic: If you had three wishes, what would they be?
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Well let's see.

1) Make any man fall in love or out of love with me
2) Fluent in all languages
3) World peace!!
by xOxcinderellaxOx
Mar 15th, '08, 07:46
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Topic: What TURNS you OFF?
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I get really turned off when guys start getting really immature. I mean, come on! I know all guys are immature but there has to be some times when they're serious! OOOHHH! Also when the guy starts to stalk me! That's creepy!
by xOxcinderellaxOx
Mar 15th, '08, 07:35
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Topic: [Girls only!^^] What r u carrying in ur bag??
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Well, let's see. I carry: -oil blotting sheets (a must in ever purse!) -bobby pins -3 different brands of eyeshadow (same colors) -my esthetician's card (too lazy to put her # on my phone) -study sheet for my finals -CD 1 of Goong (subbed) -4 different brands of mascaras -icebreakers -sunglasses -2 ...