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by kurotori_83
Feb 24th, '08, 06:56
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Topic: American TV Series ~ What do you think about it?
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I also love watching American series. I've watched some episodes of: FRIENDS and almost all the episodes of: Grey's Anatomy Prison Break Scrubs - freaking hilarious! You people should try this. American series are broken down into several seasons and in each season there are also several episodes so...
by kurotori_83
Feb 24th, '08, 06:24
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Topic: Kdramas, Jdramas, Twdramas: Which is more addicting?
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TWDRAMAS: First and last drama I watched was Meteor Garden. It became a "craze" here in the Philippines but like all crazes and fads, it slowly died down and was overtaken by kdramas. JDORAMAS: First one I watched was Gokusen. It was really funny. The second, Princess Princess D and the third and th...
by kurotori_83
Feb 24th, '08, 06:13
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Topic: Which language to learn first Korean or Chinese
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I think it depends on why you would want to learn the language and the urgency of learning it.

I do want to learn the Korean language first so that I can at least get the sense of the conversations in all the Kdramas that I'm watching. :D