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by smilesmile19
Apr 1st, '08, 18:50
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Topic: What nationality are you?
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I'm African American and Indian.
I used to speak French when i was little but I forgot that, I don't know much spanish even though I studied it for 4 years and I'm currently studying Japanese and so far I can speak, write and read... enough to get by lol.
by smilesmile19
Apr 1st, '08, 18:45
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Let's learn Japanese....
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I think its also important to mention the use of formal and informal. For the most part, formal tense should be used, out of respect to those you may come across in japan. Though, maybe in very casual settings you could use informal amongst your peers, and people you know very well of course. For ex...
by smilesmile19
Dec 29th, '07, 21:52
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Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
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Well, this is my first post ever. Ive been lurking around here for about two years now, but I guess it's about time I make myself offical lol. me and the cousin =...