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by Arisa
Jun 28th, '08, 04:51
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Last Friends - Nagasawa Masami/Ueno Juri/Eita
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Unless they had to nix their original intentions for the SP in favor of a movie with the original cast, I am so, so disappointed in this show. I think you're band on. Originally, I'm pretty sure the 12th episode was supposed to be an actualy episode , not even a special, so it seems likely that, on...
by Arisa
Jun 28th, '08, 03:29
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Nishikido Ryo
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I'm really on the fence about Nishikido Ryou. It's admirable how he's trying to tackle roles in dramas that go beyond being the "good guy" (Last Friends), but he never convinces me in his roles that he IS that character. Little things like the ridiculous way he walks/runs (maybe the director notice...
by Arisa
Jun 19th, '08, 05:18
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Worst J-drama Ever! (*spoilers*)
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The worst series that I've managed to watch from start to finish is probably To Heart. I adore Domoto Tsuyoshi and think he brings a lot of life to his roles, but his performance here was truly mediocre, and Fukada Kyoko's character, whose name I can't even remember, was the definition of annoying. ...
by Arisa
May 9th, '08, 05:37
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: If you could spend a day with a celeb (who would it be)
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I'm gonna be wildly unpopular for a moment and say either Domoto Tsuyoshi or Miyazaki Daisuke (JP Handball :wub: ) I'm going to be wildly unpopular with you and say Domoto Tsuyoshi as well. I think he'd be positively brilliant to hang out with. I love his somewhat dark and very poetic take on the w...