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by kmsae
Dec 18th, '07, 22:47
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: How to watch video file on TV without having to burn on DVD?
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If you have a couple of old computers laying around you can do something similar to what I do. You just need to invest in some Hard Drives and maybe a Hardware RAID card if you care about disk performance and redundancy. My setup: BACKEND (Storage): P3 1GHz 1GB SD-RAM 4x 750GB HDDs (RAID 5) = ~2TB u...
by kmsae
Dec 6th, '07, 02:37
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Asian Guys and Hispanic Girls
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You should check out the California Bay Area, specifically East Side San Jose where the population is pretty much Asian and Hispanic. Although I've seen more Hispanic men and Asian women couples I can assure you as an Asian man we love Hispanic women.