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by ashraf11
Feb 14th, '10, 11:22
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Topic: Musashi Taiga drama
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The real star of the show is actually Matahachi (..and his wicked mom), its worth watching just to see how Matahachi manages till the end.....
by ashraf11
Feb 6th, '10, 09:57
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Topic: Other Taiga Dramas
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May I join in? Also Nobunaga [NHK 1992] would be so cool...if Eng subs....
by ashraf11
Feb 1st, '10, 11:08
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Topic: Nepalese D-Addicts
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Hi I am from inDIA. Been to Nepal a couple of times.Most wonderfull country & cool people. I have a friend from Kathmandu who plays heavy metal music.Nepalis are special. Not like us Indians. We can only think in one way - that is desi robotic style and our pizzas are still chapatis with cold crumbl...
by ashraf11
Feb 1st, '10, 10:47
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Topic: Pakistani D-Addicts
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sahansah wrote: I guess not many South Asians watch Doramas
I do!!! Love the historical stuff such as taiga dorama, wu-xia, jidaigeki ... etc, not so much into the other stuff tho...