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by Alveric
Nov 17th, '07, 13:12
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Do you like Japan? Well, Japan doesn't like you!
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That story of the kids in Kyoto is really great! It really tells a lot about human nature. Since they could communicate with the young man perfectly, WHAT exactly was foreign about him? Only the face, of course, which you can't change nor do you have to. This all has to do with cross-cultural commun...
by Alveric
Nov 15th, '07, 13:42
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Do you like Japan? Well, Japan doesn't like you!
Replies: 202
Views: 23076

OMG If you care about the video so much just email CNN telling them about it, as soon as they broadcast it all those signs will disappear from across Japan, since Japanese people and certainly the Japanse Government CARE TO A RIDICULOUS EXTENT about how the world sees them. That's all it takes. Raci...
by Alveric
Jan 2nd, '07, 07:07
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: "I want a korean boyfriend"
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Kimja, what you just described, is a process that countries like the United Kingdom began to go through 50-100 years ago. Even down to the teasing of kids that different. It's the "teething" troubles of an emerging global society. Even today the UK has the exaxt problems as you described in Korea, ...
by Alveric
Dec 29th, '06, 04:03
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Most Japanophiles haven't visited Japan yet
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I was in Japan last September and when I came back I attended an Anime Convention organized by a friend. I had never been to one, but I expected to find people who were interested in Japanese Culture since I thought they were into anime already, and even though its Japanese POP Culture which is neve...
by Alveric
Feb 17th, '06, 16:17
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: what in Japanese Culture U dont like?
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Racism in Japan? I went to Japan last September and I don’t remember experiencing anything racist at all. However, a friend of mine couldn’t get into a club in Tokyo because he was European, and the guys at the front door sent him away saying “Japanese onrii”. I DID FIND some Good Samaritans. I beli...
by Alveric
Feb 3rd, '06, 01:21
Forum: International Community
Topic: Spanish D-Addicts
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Hola a todos, soy de Cuidad de Panamá, Panamá, que extraño escribir en español por acá, ya nos hacía falta un grupo en D-Addicts, saludos a todos y un abrazo,

Alguien tiene info sobre grupos de fansub en castellano? no he visto muchos.
by Alveric
Feb 3rd, '06, 01:13
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: I looked up "Japanese" at urbandictionary.com and.
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I'm neither Chinese nor Japanese but I've been following this issue over quite some time now.As someone posted before everyone can CHOOSE to have a grudge against a race or a nation (Hebrews against Germans, Algerians against French, Tibetans against Chinese, Chinese against Japanese, Native America...
by Alveric
Mar 1st, '05, 14:39
Forum: Tech Support
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Please send me:

Next Stop Discovery - Re-discover Tokyo On The Yamanote Line.mpg.torrent

at ravel22@yahoo.com

Thank you!
by Alveric
Jan 31st, '05, 04:10
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What's your ethinicity??
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A Global Family

We really are from everywhere and nowhere. Me, I'm from Panama, Central America. My ancestors include Native American, Spaniards, Blacks, Chinese, among others. I'm every race and none whatsoever since in Panama all races have blended, you get caucasian people with chinese last names and blacks with...