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by chincpn
Sep 2nd, '07, 16:29
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Topic: Wang Lee Hom
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rasckita. thanks for uploading the falling leaves returning roots.. i really like this song.. heard it in other sites.. i really happy to be able to download this song.. thanks.. i like wang lee hom ..very cute.
by chincpn
Aug 28th, '07, 11:50
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] Original Scent Of Summer (CTV, 2003)
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hope someone still seed the torrent of this series..
by chincpn
Aug 28th, '07, 11:38
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hi anybody watching the why why love/? i saw a little part of episode 1. i think its nice..
does anybody know where to find downloads for scent of summer??by rainie yang also... any comment for this series??
by chincpn
Aug 26th, '07, 10:25
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] Why Why Love (CTS, 2007)
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ohh.. i think this series is so nice and very funny just saw small portion of episode 1 hehehe
i think kind of similar with devils beside you.. any have ddl of this..