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by zingzing16
Aug 4th, '08, 15:08
Forum: Travel
Topic: Japan pics, post your travel pics!
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GoldenMountain wrote:

I'll see what I can do. But, I'd have to steal it in front of all of these people.
wow that's very incredible :goggle: I would get lost in the middle of the crowd! GOSH! :goggle:
Very nice photos you posted ^^
please keep it up! Thank you :cheers:
by zingzing16
Aug 3rd, '08, 12:21
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Code Blue (All Seasons)
Replies: 348
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I haven't seen ep.05 (still waiting for the sub) Episode 4 is really good, though I don't like Fujikawa much, he's kinda annoying to me, especially the part when at the ER, he was showing off too much (&stupid?), anyway I think Ep.4 is very touching, I cried while watching the part between Hiyama & ...