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by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 05:11
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: <<<<** KIM KI BUM **>>>>>
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hes so cute period
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 05:01
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: which actor/actress would you like to see in a new drama?
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uhh so many in my mind! lets seee, RAIN and Joo Ji Hoon; because they're my favorite boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Song Hye Kyo & Yoon Eun Hye; opposite from boys ,they're my fav. girls! maybe like one of those hard situation drama where they are sisters (for YEH & SHK) and they both like the same guy acciden...
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:57
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: For fan of KIM TAE HEE
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Kim Tae Hee is soo prettyy!
i got to admit that im not a fan of her because the only drama i watch that shes in it was "something " in Harvard (my god, my memories are starting to fade)
shes has such a beautiful smile.
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:54
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Topic: Yoon Eun Hye
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hmmm.. the first post pics doesnt look like her a tall, making me think that she got plastic surgery to get her beauty rght now. oh my. but shes cuteee, i love her, shes my fav. actresss right now, even though i havent watch The Vineyard Man nor Prince Coffee Shop, im so busy witht the other unfinis...
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:49
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Topic: Hyun Bin
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Han Sera from Wich Yoo Hee is his ex?
that so surprising!
but shes alright.
wow, that serious is a shocking.

I think Hyun Bin is great at acting,
not close to the top of my list but its possible because of his appearance.
hes has such great face withthat gorgeous dimplessss.
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:44
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Topic: Who Does This Girl Look Like?....(Come And Answer...!)
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no idea.
shes doesnt look familiar at all.
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:42
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Topic: Lee Dong Wook
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GONG CHAN shii.!!!!!
hes sooo hot.
his smilee...omg, his smile,
so attractive.
hes sucha fantastic actor in My Girl!
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:37
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Topic: Jung Ryeo Won
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I think shes the most beautiful-est actress for me right now.
sweet smile,
cute dimples,
beautiful hair,
excepts of coz, her skinny body.
her acting skills are good.
especially when she cries.
all of the drama where shes cries, i just cry with her.
lol, she show like shes in real pain.
by magicity
Aug 22nd, '07, 04:32
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Topic: The 19 most beautiful boys in Korea
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Jang Guen-suk is efffin HOTTTTTT.
omg, he has such a killing smile,
so young and charming,
i love him in Hwang Jin Yi