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by Chaerin7
Aug 31st, '07, 06:35
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Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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You know,in the Korean drama known as "Coffee prince" The part Yoon eun hye wore a wedding dress,the background song,I am soo addicted to it.If only i can find the whole song.But unfortunatly it's not part of the original Ost,but an Unofficial Ost. :cry:
by Chaerin7
Aug 10th, '07, 03:01
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Topic: What nationality are you?
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Well I am Half Korean(dad's side) and Half Jamaican(mother's side). So that makes me korean/black. I can speak Fluent in French,English,Creol......and now I am currently learning KOREAN :D It's been over a year now.But I am getting there :lol I need to speed up the process, so that i can watch korea...
by Chaerin7
Aug 8th, '07, 22:47
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Topic: Coffee Prince Soft sub pls help!
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currently only ep1-3 are not working via soft sub. veoh? is that streaming? i dont like streaming media. the rest work fine using mickey. im working on ep1-3 right now with changing names etc and using ental or micky. I was having the same problem, but i downloaded this pack,