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by abcicidee
Aug 26th, '07, 06:11
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Topic: Your favourite chinese cute COUPLE!!!
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i agree, barbie and alan luo and rainie with mike he. too bad theyre only in dramas. :-(

sorry, but does anyone happen to know where i can find ep 15 and 16 hard-subbed of Corner with Love? Sublimes stopped posting because of nasty comments, I dont blame 'em.
by abcicidee
Aug 13th, '07, 03:55
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Mike He aka Xiao Mei = ]
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:wub: i fell in love with mike he while getting into Why Why Love. Since episode 8 hasn't been available yet, I started to watch DBY, and boyyy...he was kinda scary, but in a very hot way. Lately I've been watching the mv's that he happens to be in..and the anson hu song has been the best thus far.....