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by shizaki
Jul 11th, '07, 00:37
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Topic: For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!
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** Im new here ^^ Im aYame Shizaki TEzuka.. Just married with Tezuka of Seigaku yesterday.. aHaha.. [just dreaming] > In real life I am: -Rosalyn [my name definately stinks] T.T [i just don't like it] -I love: -Animes -Fictional books -Harry POtter -Kim Hye Sung - Natsume Hyuga - Ryoma Echizen and o...
by shizaki
Jul 11th, '07, 00:32
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Topic: How many language do you speak?
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^^ I am able to speak write and understand:


Sadly, I only know how to write and read japanese
but can't understand it at all^^
by shizaki
Jul 11th, '07, 00:27
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Actually, North Korea interests me a lot,
the culture and their army, If I have given the chance, i'll go there first
Then next is Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, then london..

ahaha.. ^^
by shizaki
Jul 11th, '07, 00:07
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Topic: Which drama would you like to live in ?
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If it was me who will choose, it would be hanayori dango ^^
There's nothing more like 4 rich personalities in you country
is surrounding you, plus two of them is falling for you..

ahaha ^^ :wub: