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by BadChase
Dec 10th, '05, 01:01
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Topic: Utada Hikaru
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Umm, just to clear one thing up. Her first english album is actually Precious from 1996 and she was under the pseudonym Cubic U. It's actually really good. :) Anyway if you go to the wikipedia you should find some more information. :) PS: She's both damn hot...
by BadChase
Apr 21st, '05, 20:43
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: The Official Clubbox Thread (Read 1st Post For Help!)
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Hi! I just noticed this thread and I must say thanks to Me2 for doing that superb tutorial and a big thanks to Saki who provided it to us! Helped a lot. I'm just wondering one thing, how is your upload speed to yor Clubbox, mine is like 3-5 kb/s and I promise I can upload a lot faster. Any tips or i...