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by pjyoon
Mar 1st, '05, 22:34
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What gender are you?
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Exactly, "most" guys think girls are all the same. We dont always have to be girly girl or even at all. The way we talk does not always determine what gender we are. I can be extremely rude sometimes. Or when i use to play a game called starcraft, guys would be like you are not a girl and critisize...
by pjyoon
Jan 28th, '05, 01:58
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Allow series with subtitles other than english on d-addict?
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Is the issue resources or presentation clutter? If it is resources, then I selfish opinion would be to only allow english subs and RAWs. However, if there are no issues with resources, I think that we should allow all, and come up with an easier way for English-only speaking/reading people to find w...
by pjyoon
Jan 25th, '05, 19:01
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Age / How Old Are You?
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Hmm..big surprise that I'm on the older side...Well, it doesn't matter.
It just shows that these dramas appeal to people of all ages!
by pjyoon
Jan 25th, '05, 18:58
Forum: D-Addicts Announcements
Topic: Torrent tabbed thingy - added to profile
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I like it! I like it! :lol Looks a lot neater as one table and the tabs are super easy for sorting by the major subtitle types. Just a question on whether there's any plan to make the filter work in conjunction with the tabs. For example, kdrama + Raw or jdrama + English sub? Or is that not possibl...