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by krnonthak0b
Apr 25th, '09, 05:08
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lol im looking at this list and wondering if any of you guys considered acting and not looks when coming up with your top 5 5. Joo Jin Mo 4. Jae Hee 3. So Ji Sub 2. Lee Byeong Hun 1. Song Kang Ho Cha Tae Hyung gets a special mention for being the lovable dork.. but not enough of his movies captivate...
by krnonthak0b
Dec 16th, '08, 06:32
Forum: KDrama Discussions
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1. 보고 또 보고 (watch again and again) (not sure on english title) this started it all. i remember when i was a kid and watching this every week with my parents. More of a sitcom than a drama but back then the story was so fresh and enjoyable i have to say that this started the typical korean drama. Not...
by krnonthak0b
Dec 16th, '08, 04:46
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: East of Eden (MBC, 2008) Song Seung Hun, Lee Da Hae
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aww everyone seems to really be excited for DC and HR... i reallly really like the chemistry between DC and YR. even though i knew it wasnt gonna happen a lil part of me hoped and longed with all it had lol. hye rin is cute with her demeanor with DC but.. is he ready to love again so soon?? i unders...
by krnonthak0b
Sep 12th, '07, 07:00
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Topic: What's the worst korean drama you have seen?
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i dont see why ppl are bashing goong soo much.. but i guess they are right about the overrated part. but honestly it wasn't bad at all.. i enjoyed it despite it being rediculously overhyped. but anyways on to my 3 worst 3. Fireworks - pointless can't believe i finished this 2. Hello Miss - i watched...
by krnonthak0b
Jun 17th, '07, 06:50
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Topic: Funniest scenes in kdramas?
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the funniest drama for me was Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. the parodies of winter sonata, sorry i love you, and full house are definitely 3 scenes to look forward to. i almost died from laughing so hard. i dont remember the parodies gah its been awhile could u tell me the episode for the winter son...
by krnonthak0b
Jun 17th, '07, 06:42
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Topic: What do you rank as the most SADDEST KOREAN drama?
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honestly i felt that autumn tale tried a little too hard. i was disappointed when he died in the end... it would've been a bit more depressing if he went through life without her lol i sound evil hahaha but yea him dying was kinda retarded. i found winter sonata much more sad because the ending was ...