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by puti_chan
Nov 14th, '07, 12:08
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Ushi ni Negai wo: Love&Farm
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It's a very very very perfect work of dorama. I adore all the casts so much, they're playing naturally and bring us into the scene. Goshhh... i gave 5 thumbs up for the writer. I love Koide Keisuke in this dorama.. :)
by puti_chan
Mar 13th, '07, 01:13
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: What was yOur first ever jDorama?
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My first watched j-dorama was OSHIN!! Hahaha... i bet i'm not the only one who watched this as the first japanese drama :). And then i started watching tokyo love story, ordinary people, under the same roof, and long vacation. That was my very first interest to Japanese Dorama :wub: :wub: :wub: Curr...
by puti_chan
Mar 13th, '07, 01:01
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Hana Yori Dango Season 2
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Anyone knows how many episodes left until it reaches the ending? 'Coz i don't want to watch HYD2 until i know the ending is exist . I'm a bit annoyed by curiousity :pale:, so i think i better not watch it until i know the ending available. But i was so entertained by your posting.... :thumright:
by puti_chan
Mar 12th, '07, 14:13
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Nishikido Ryo
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What?? Another dorama from Nishikido Ryo? I hope he's the lead actor :). He's so cool and once he smiled.. we gals r melted :P