Forum Rules

General Forum Rules
  • In our forums we cultivate a friendly and helpful communication and we expect that everybody follows known netiquette standards
  • It is not allowed to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “D-Addicts” is hosted (European Union) or International Law.
  • Users who are misbehaving will be given three (3) warnings, and after that be banned.
  • Please, do not post any direct download links directly in the forum. Instead link to an off-site where videos can be found. (see detailed announcement)
Subtitles Forum Rules
  • Do not post requests for subtitles or status of subtitles. For status updates, if possible see the fansubber's website or social media. In addition you can check the Fansub Maps for information about who has / will sub what drama.
  • The fansub is entirely your own work or your group's work, and you did not use someone else's fansub work unless you have their permission to upload it here. This applies to softsubs, as well as all aspect of fansubbing including timing and translations (that means you don't edit someone else's translation and pass it off as your own.)
  • Subtitles from disbanded fansub groups can be uploaded here. However, it is best that you first try contacting a prior group member beforehand for permission.
  • No movie subtitles are to be uploaded here. Try uploading to sites like Subscene instead.
  • If you intend to translate some fansub into another language, it is best if you try asking the original subber/group for permission beforehand. In most cases, mentioning the original subber/group in your translations is more than adequate, unless the original subber/group have explicitly expressed for the subtitles not to be translated.
  • Subtitles originating from any paid legal over-the-top media streaming sites are NOT to be posted here, to avoid DMCA requests. Viki subtitles are only permitted here if someone from the subbing team are directly posting them (e.g. GrTeam who regularly post Viki Greek based subs here). Anyone seeing these subtitles that are not permitted on D-Addicts should report it (via the report [!] button), so that a moderator can remove them.
  • DarkSmurfSub based subtitles are NOT to be posted here, as those subtitles are easily obtainable from their website, can be revised, edited and further improved on.
  • Subtitles transcribed from broadcasters are okay to be posted here, but should be posted with caution, as they may have been made available via a paid legal streaming site, and therefore may be removed by a moderator without prior warning.
  • You MUST start at the beginning and not upload from where another group is currently at. The exception to this rule is if the existing project has been dropped, confirmed by the individual/subber or group working on it and they have agreed for you to continue from where they left off. Otherwise, if the thread title has been marked as dropped by a moderator, are you then allowed to continue.
  • If it looks like the individual/subber or group have abandoned a subtitle project, and you have tried contacting them with no response whatsoever, are you then allowed to continue from where the individual/group has last posted their subtitles. However, please allow 3 months before resuming what appears to be an abandoned project (based on the user's last post or login date), as the original subber may be busy with work life.
  • You do not bash or otherwise bad mouth another individual or group(s) work, otherwise you will be given warnings.
If you wish to discuss the fansub uploading rules further, please do so here