Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan [Japanese Subs](Ep 01-08 Complete)

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Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan [Japanese Subs](Ep 01-08 Complete)

Postby CalzoneLover » Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:13 pm

Hello! :lol

Here are the Japanese captions for Keishicho Keizoku Sosahan (DramaWiki),

timed for the (640x360 DivX6) version, which can be found [HERE].

Note from qop123:
These Japanese subs are extracted from the original broadcast data with a program called "Caption2Ass_mod1".

To display Japanese subs on Windows, East Asian Language needs to have been installed, and at the option of the player, a Japanese or Unicode font needs to be selected.

(If you are using DirectVobSub filter to display subs, when you play a video with a sub, a green arrow appears at the right bottom corner of Windows. You can configure options from here.
The Lucida Sans Unicode font can display subs whether they are in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, as long as the text encoding is in Unicode, and qop123 uses this Lucida Sans Unicode font, with the setting of Bold, 36.)

The text encoding is in UTF-8. If UTF-8 doesn't work, sometimes changing it to UTF-16 solves the problem.

These Japanese subs are free to use. You can use them to translate into another language, or can redistribute them in another place, or can do whatever you find useful, freely as you like.

As many as Japanese subs are uploaded as far as possible, but future Japanese subs are not guaranteed. This work might stop anytime, though as much as it is hoped that it won't.

This Japanese subs extraction is coordinated by qop123, and if you are interested in Japanese subs for other dramas, and can manage to shift times for CMs and check the subs with raw videos and upload them to DA, please send qop123 a private message.

Qop123's Japanese Subtitles Project Fansub Wiki
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep08 finale (640x360 DivX6)
(48.1 KiB) Downloaded 315 times
Keishicho Keizoku
Japanese subtitles for all episodes 1-8
(132.19 KiB) Downloaded 568 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep07 (640x360 DivX6)
(51.57 KiB) Downloaded 350 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep06 (640x360 DivX6)
(52.04 KiB) Downloaded 354 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep05 (640x360 DivX6)
(49.84 KiB) Downloaded 339 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep04 (640x360 DivX6)
(55.71 KiB) Downloaded 357 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep03 (640x360 DivX6)
(54.29 KiB) Downloaded 312 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep02 (640x360 DivX6)
(50.25 KiB) Downloaded 333 times
Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan ep01 (640x360 DivX6)
(47.77 KiB) Downloaded 311 times
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Postby wefong888 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:20 am

thak you so mush

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Postby nogo » Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:54 am

thanks a lot!

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Postby CalzoneLover » Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:21 pm

Japanese subtitles for episode 8 finale are up!
Batch available!

Much love to toyotaku for the RAWs,
and qop123 for the captions!

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