Hitsudan Hostess [Indonesian Subs] (Complete)

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Hitsudan Hostess [Indonesian Subs] (Complete)

Postby tresnadi » Sun May 09, 2010 6:54 pm

Hitsudan Hostess

wiki drama


* Title: 筆談ホステス
* Title (romaji): Hitsudan Hostess
* Tagline: 母と娘、愛と感動の25年。届け!わたしの心
* Tagline (romaji): Haha to Musume, Ai to Kando no 25 nen. Todoke! Watashi no Kokoro
* Format: Tanpatsu
* Genre: Autobiography
* Viewership rating: 12.2
* Broadcast network: TBS, MBS
* Broadcast date: 2010-Jan-10
* Air time: Sunday 21:00
* Ending theme song: Departures by SQUAREHOOD


The story is based on the bestselling autobiography of 25-year-old Rie Saito, who became a number-one hostess in Ginza despite being deaf.

"Hitsudan Hostess" was published by Kobunsha this past May, and so far it has sold roughly 115,000 copies. The book depicts the life of Saito, who was born in Aomori and became deaf at the age of 1 due to an illness. She rebelled against her strict parents, and she ran away from home several times as a youth. At a local club, she began taking an interest in "hitsudan" (communicating through writing), which she later made use of when she moved to Tokyo and became a popular hostess at a Ginza club. --Tokyograph


* Kitagawa Keiko as Saito Rie
* Tanaka Yoshiko as Saito Emiko
* Fukushi Seiji as Saito Satoshi
* Nashimoto Kenjiro as Saito Shiro

translator: kuryu_kohei @indowebster.web.id

terima kasih..
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Postby Ahartono99 » Mon May 10, 2010 3:37 am

Kyahahahaha sub dari Indo lagi...... :)

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