Code Blue 2 [Japanese Subs] (Complete)

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Code Blue 2 [Japanese Subs] (Complete)

Postby qop123 » Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:08 pm

Hello, :roll

I'm uploading the Japanese subs for Code Blue 2.

These Japanese subs are extracted from the original broadcast data with a program called "Caption2Ass_mod1".

To display Japanese subs on Windows, East Asian Language needs to have been installed, and at the option of the player, a Japanese or Unicode font needs to be selected.

(If you are using DirectVobSub filter to display subs, when you play a video with a sub, a green arrow appears at the right bottom corner of Windows. You can configure options from here. The Lucida Sans Unicode font can display subs whether they are in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, as long as the text encoding is in Unicode, and I use this Lucida Sans Unicode font, with the setting of Bold, 36.)

The text encoding is in UTF-8. If UTF-8 doesn't work, sometimes changing it to UTF-16 solves the problem.

These Japanese subs are free to use. You can use them to translate into another language, or can redistribute them in another place, or can do whatever you find useful, freely as you like.

As many as Japanese subs are uploaded as far as possible, but future Japanese subs are not guaranteed. This work might stop anytime, though as much as it is hoped that it won't.

I won't be uploading Japanese subtitles myself anymore as in the last quarter. As of this quarter, I will only handle the extraction. If you are interested in Japanese subs for other dramas, and can manage to shift times for CMs and check the subs with raw videos and upload them to DA, please send me a private message.

For those interested in the work, here is the general instruction for Japanese Subs Editing. This instruction is a suggestion, and not a condition. I just want people to watch with decent Japanese subs.

[spoiler]General Instruction

This Japanese subtitles work is divided into 5 parts, Margin Cut, CM Cut, Timing Adjustment, Discrepancy Check, Publishing.

Margin Cut

These Japanese subs have about 30 seconds of margin at the beginning, which needs to be cut out, that is, all the lines need to be made earlier for about 30 seconds. This margin is controlled to be about 30 seconds with a clock adjustment program as nearly as possible. But this margin wouldn't become exactly 30 seconds, and so we need to make a human adjustment later.

CM Cut

As these Japanese subs are extracted from the original broadcast data that has interventions of CMs during the drama, if they are played as they are, they wouldn't match the raw videos uploaded at DA, as the raw videos at DA are edited to be without interventions of CMs. And so, in a nutshell, these Japanese subs also need to be edited without the times for the interventions of CMs.

In Japan, CMs are generally made on 15 seconds units, and so one intervention of CMs becomes multiples of 15. 90 seconds and 120 seconds ones are most frequent, but there are other lengths as well. The ones I have encountered are, about in the order of frequency, 90, 120, 135, 60, 30, 150 seconds ones.

Everytime an intervention of CMs happens, make all the lines after that intervention earlier for the amount of that intervention. And by repeating this process, we can get the synched subs.

In the subtitle editing program called Aegisub, there is a good command for this purpose, "Shift Times with Selection Onward", which I have used to this day.

As there is a hiatus in the timings of lines when there is an intervention of CMs, in most cases, just by looking at the script, you can know the length of the intervention.

Timing Adjustment

And here we need to make minor timing adjustments.

This part is where our skills are tried. A small timing shift makes a great difference at viewing pleasure.

In my experience of synching over a hundred of these Japanese subs, they need to be synched at least with +-0.25 seconds of accuracy for a better result, though I have made +-0.1 seconds adjustments if necessary.

Generally speaking, this synching has tolerance for the - direction, that is, we can set the timings too early than too late.

What is annoying is subs appearing too late or subs disappearing too early. In order to to be protected against subs appearing too late, my recommendation is to shift times slightly (about 0.25-0.50 second) overly to the - direction. That way, even if the timings for some lines are a little late, subs won't appear too late, which is comfortable in many cases. In order to be protected against subs disappearing too early, my recommendation is to do nothing particular, for with these Japanese subs, in most cases, the lines are not timed as to disappear as soon as the pronunciation ends, but remain longer on the display, and that is the reason why we can set the timings a little too earlier without causing any problem.

But again, way too earlier subs are annoying too, and so this is just a principle and guideline, and not a golden rule. Human eyes are the most sure way to check the subs.

Discrepancy Check

Sometimes there are sponsor credits. In many cases, encoders leave these sponsor credits untouched, and so it doesn't cause any problem. But when encoders decide to cut out these sponsor credits, you need to adjust that amount as well.

And there can be other discrepancies depending on the encoder's job.


I think it is better to synch these Japanese subs at least to 704x396 Xvid version, as they are popular and easy to handle.

I also think it is better to put ".jp" at the end of the naming like "Real Clothes ep01 (1280x720 XviD)", because people who are downloading these Japanese subs might download English subs as well, and we don't want to be invasive.


1, Shift all the lines for 30 seconds.

2, Look for a hiatus of lines, such as

Line 152 0:08:39.64-0:08:42.64
Line 153 0:08:42.64-0:08:52.64
Line 154 0:11:02.68-0:11:04.68
Line 155 0:11:04.68-0:11:06.69

and this one has a hiatus of a little over 120 seconds, and so I take this intervention of CMs to be 120 seconds, and so I shift earlier all the lines from the line 154 onward for 120 seconds.

3, Repeat this process as necessary. Generally, we need to shift times for 3 or 4 times per an episode.

4, Make minor timing adjustments to make the viewing more pleasurable.

5, Check if there is any discrepancy.

6, Upload the finished sub to DA.

Code Blue 2nd Season ep11 finale (704x396 XviD)
(66.33 KiB) Downloaded 1162 times
Code Blue
E01-11 Batch
(174.58 KiB) Downloaded 2915 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep10 (704x396 XviD)
(51.76 KiB) Downloaded 1220 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep09 (704x396 XviD)
(48.03 KiB) Downloaded 1232 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep08 (704x396 XviD)
(51.82 KiB) Downloaded 1351 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep07 (704x396 XviD)
(46.88 KiB) Downloaded 1304 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep06 (704x396 XviD)
(44.71 KiB) Downloaded 1354 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep05 (704x396 XviD)
(34.16 KiB) Downloaded 1308 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep04 (704x396 XviD)
(47.4 KiB) Downloaded 1329 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep03 (704x396 XviD)
(54.4 KiB) Downloaded 1241 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep02 (704x396 XviD)
(48.41 KiB) Downloaded 1638 times
Code Blue 2nd Season ep01 (704x396 XviD)
(66.86 KiB) Downloaded 2356 times
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Postby Julieho » Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:35 pm

I'll grab this, thank you! :D

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Postby nt3_pi » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:08 pm

very love u :wub:
thank so much!

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Postby smshan123 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:17 pm

THankYOU!! This is great :) i always wanted to see Japanese subtitles!! Thank you!

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Postby sen0318 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:45 am

Thank you so much !
Thank You

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Postby furransu » Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:43 am

looking forward to ep2 jp subs :) hopefully you'll be back soon ~!

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Postby hzron » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:42 am

thanks a lot for providing this sub file!

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thank you for the subs!! :D

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thank you so much !!

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Thannks for your great work XD

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Thank you very much!!

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would you please upload the sub of the final ep for Code Blue 2?
thanks a lot

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