The Four of 10A8 - [Eng sub] (ep.001) [DROPPED]

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The Four of 10A8 - [Eng sub] (ep.001) [DROPPED]

Postby SweetSense » Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:05 pm


Original name: Bộ tứ 10A8
translated English name: The Four of 10A8
Episodios: approximate 260 episodes x 8 minutos aprox each episode
**** This sitcom is still being aired on T.V - currently at episode 34 - they announced that it has 260 episodes so I put 260 approximate number.
Genre: sitcom, comedy
Every 3-5 episodes complete 1 situation.


The Four of 10A8 (Bộ tứ 10A8) circles around 4 main characters and the situations happen around their highschool life: Phan Linh - La La - Mai Lâm - Đô Đô. Each character has their unique personality but they are very close.
Phan Linh is spoiled by her father, clumsy, and gullible.
La La is childish, dream to become a famous designer, always carries around her a mini sewing machine.
Mai Lâm is a tomboy, a perfectionist, dream of becoming a national leader.
Đô Đô is Phan Linh's brother - he loves money the most - and always bully his sister.

More info --->

Medium quality
Size: 640 x 480
File ~55 Mb each
Format .avi
Audio: Vietnamese
Subtitle: English
You can find raws on -
it's the official channel!

Translate & sub by: SweetSense

I'm not an English native speaker, and want to improve my English so i translate this sitcom. Please be kind if you see any grammar mistakes in the translation. Thank you!

[English] [1 of 260]
Episode 001 hardsub

Only sub files (.ass):
episode 001

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Postby rehnii » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:10 pm

OMG! I love you so much :D keep on working please! I dont know if you are boy or girl and i dont care if you are fluent at english or no (wiith that I can help you), but FINALLY someone picked to sub much much better vietnamese drama like bo tu 10A8! I lvoe it but we dont have arirang or VTV so i can watch it online only...
Im not vietnamese but I have lot of vietnamese firneds I even learn myself to viet and read in vietnamese, but i cnt speak at all and when they talk I understand just few words lol :D so I really needed subtitle badly at least vietnamese but you did english for first ep!
you are awesome!!!!

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