** Winner - Summer 09 TWSoTQ - Mean Girl Ah Chu!**

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** Winner - Summer 09 TWSoTQ - Mean Girl Ah Chu!**

Postby AkumaX » Fri May 08, 2009 6:55 pm

Sadly, due to hardly any interest and a little miscalculation on my part, there really wasn't any participation in deciding a Summer 2009 Series for Taiwanese Dramas. So I'd like to take this time to just batch a series that seriously (ha!) needs seeding anyway. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to any series or not, but I'll try to drum up some enthusiasm for Fall 09. Thanks!

Seeding The New Batch Torrent HERE:

Mean Girl Ah Chu (Eng Subs) [Complete Batch]

Thanks and enjoy!


Welcome to The Unofficial Taiwanese Series of The Quarter
(TWSoTQ) - Summer 2009!

In light of the increasing WSoTM threads taking over, I've decided to self-sponsor a
Taiwanese Series thread where people can nominate low-seeded complete dramas

So now, the "Winner"
Mean Girl Ah Chu
Mean Girl Ah Chu Wiki

# Joanne Zeng as Yin Chu Chu 殷楚楚
# Sam Wang as Ling Ping Zhi 凌平之
# Chen Yi as Gui Hao Ran (Gui Wa) 桂浩然 (鬼娃)
# Genie Cho as Wang Zhi Er 汪芷兒

Thanks and enjoy! KEEP FANSUBS FREE!@

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