Vietnamese dubbed dramas

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Vietnamese dubbed dramas

Postby MaiMunky » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:16 am

I wasn't sure where this topic should be. I know there may be similar but not really sure. Idk. I am looking for any good dramas that are vietnamese dubbed that are available to download only. I do not want links of where to watch them but I'd like to be able to download them. Other than the vietnamese dubbed dramas provided here by lossahead I believe his/her name is. I've already dled a few from him/her. It is so hard to find Vietnamese dubbed dramas for me and my mom to watch together. We only watch when my mom's friends have burned/rented/etc. some dramas and we pass it around but lately there hasn't been much. Whether old or new dramas please list them.

If you have any links of vietnamese dubbed sites where you think I could download them from, please list here. I will check the links of interest. Didn't even know we had that 'til now. :P

Also, there was Goong (Princess Hours) Vietnamese dubbed!? Where did someone find that? Does anyone know? I tried looking for it but with no success. I think my mom would like it. :) I loved it!

Anyway, thank you in advance.

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