Tokyo Love Story [Chinese Subs] (Complete)

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Tokyo Love Story [Chinese Subs] (Complete)

Postby surplusletterbox » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:52 pm

As of today 9th Sept 2008 (wooww the TV episodes came out in 1991!) only these video are available for torrenting on d-addicts:-


Tokyo Love Story [Episode 1] (English Subs) [].avi
.. to ...
Tokyo Love Story [Episode 7] (English Subs) [].avi
Tokyo Love Story [Episode 8] (English Subs) [].avi

and no more 9-11 episodes from areiacreations....and further more Episode 8 has no English subs hardsubbed, so to view further you will need the sars version:-


Therefore I just created using Tokyo.Love.Story.DVDRiP.DualAudio.iNT-TLF.rar plus the Tokyo Love Story [Episode 8] (English Subs) [].english.ssa a complete set of unicode big5 and gb2312 chinese subs to go with the above video file, for convenience I have also included the English softsub from areicreation together. The subs from Tokyo.Love.Story.DVDRiP.DualAudio.iNT-TLF.rar have been re-timed to go with the above named video files and for episode 7 I found 7 lines of conversations were missing at the end and I found these were in the beginning of the CHinese subs for Episode 8, so I moved these lines of conversation to match up with the episode 7 and 8 videos. Some extra lines of conversations were also removed from the beginning of some subs as these are not shown as video images in the avi files. The Chinese subs are useful for those who want to understand the story by not using the English. There are difference to the translation between Chinese and English from Japanese.

So the attachment contains complete unicode chinese subs (gb2312 and big5) for 11 episodes, includes english for episode 8. You will need to download both to unrar as this is a winrar split volume set.
Tokyo Love Story.rar
(243.21 KiB) Downloaded 1233 times

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Postby surplusletterbox » Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:17 am

Just done this Tokyo Love Story 東京ラブストーリー OST high quality 250 kbps VBR MP3 , 88MB -


TRACK 01 "ラブストーリーは突然に" Main Theme

TRACK 02 "Coco And Jasmin"

TRACK 03 "Good Evening Heartache"

TRACK 04 "So Far Away"

TRACK 05 "Crazy For You"

TRACK 06 "Tenderly-Rica's Theme"

TRACK 07 "Promise"

TRACK 08 "Passion Flower"

TRACK 09 "Autumn"

TRACK 10 "If You Know"

TRACK 11 "Zelda"

TRACK 12 "Over The Stars"

TRACK 13 "Alone In The Street"

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